Monday, May 07, 2007

Wisconsin Weekend

We were so lucky to have Gavin's Uncle Chris and Aunt Kathy visit us over the weekend. Don and I managed to take them out on Friday night to The Old Fashioned for a taste of Wisconsin fried cheese curds and their signature cocktails, too. There was a long wait, but trying to solve a riddle from a stranger at the bar helped us kill time (See if you can solve this one: a man lies dead in a field of green, surrounded by 53 bicycles. How did he die?). Chris solved it in about 5 minutes, it took the rest of us awhile!

We hosted our annual Kentucky Derby party on Saturday and Gavin had a great time mingling with guests, especially his Aunt and Uncle! Again, a shout out to Troy for his fabulous mint julep making skills and his rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home." You'll have to take my word for it that people were there, I did not get around to snapping any pics this year.

I just realized it's been a long time since we posted. Things are going well and I am holding up after 2 weeks on the job. I am enjoying the work ... though I still get a lump in my throat after I drop Gavin off, but the way he runs toward me at the end of the day when I pick him up helps me forget the hard parts. He is walking SO well and can get to where he wants to go (toward T-R-O-U-B-L-E) in a hurry : )


Sarah said...

Who is that strapping kid on Chris's lap? Is that GAVIN?? He's turning into a little man!

k8 said...

COuld it be a deck of cards?