Monday, April 23, 2007

The Latest

Since Gavin has a head start on me -- having begun "school" last week -- he's got more to show for his efforts than I do, as you can see.
I made it through my first day today but was exhausted and considered it a major accomplishment to just get my e-mail set up and contemplate how to write an 80-word brief on Bo Ryan's pay raise.
I called to see how Gavin was doing at about 10:30 a.m. and was informed he was "painting" (something he did last week, too) so I decided I could get it together enough to soldier through the rest of the afternoon.
My co-workers are all very nice and no one batted an eye when I walked out the door at 4:45 to go and pick up the G-Man, for which I feel very lucky. He was so tired when we got home that we didn't have more than 30 minutes or so to play before it was time for him to hit the hay, but I have to say it's going well for just being at the the beginning of this journey.
I'll have something to show for it in the fall issue of On Wisconsin, so stay tuned...
Many, many thanks to all of you have called, e-mailed and just let me know you are thinking of me. It helps more than you know!

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