Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Birthday Girl

OK, so I did not remember until this morning that today is Keely's 3rd birthday. Luckily we had some turkey sausage left over from breakfast, which she gladly scarfed with her usual reckless abandon. We've learned a lot from Keely, mostly that you never know what's going to happen and, more importantly, always keep a roll of paper towels and stain remover handy. She adds a lot to our life, aside from our complaints about her "quirks," she's always nearby to comfort you when you need it and she's pretty gracefully handled the addition of Gavin to our lives. Can't ask for much more than that.

Christmas -- The Home Version

We had our Christmas morning at home on Thursday, the day after we returned from Colorado (it's not easy to swing, but if you know the right people you can arrange for a delayed visit from Santa). Gavin received his first train set, a stuffed horse and a couple books about horses (horses are a big deal around our house right now, just ask Gavin to give you a "Na-aaaa-ay").

Despite the appearance of more new toys -- the rocket ship still reigned supreme and Keely is also very interested in some of the plastic pieces involved. She is always willing to "hang onto" them for Gavin in case he decides to leave them laying around.

Christmas 2007

We hit the road for Colorado to celebrate Christmas with Don's parents and siblings. Gavin had a great time getting to know his Mimi, Grandad, Aunt Kate, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kathy better and we think they enjoyed his antics -- though maybe not at 4 in the morning (kids don't seem to know anything about time zone changes)!

Enjoying Mimi's piano -- though had to be reminded not to hit the keys so hard all the time...

Playing "Santa" on Christmas morning -- Gavin enjoyed this almost as much, or more, than opening his own presents...

Trying to stay cool for the journey home...

One last pic in the airport with Uncle Chris, Daddy and Aunt Kathy before heading home...

Once home, we opened presents with Jenny's family and Gavin loved the rocket ship from his cousins Anna and Caroline...

Caroline received a ton of art supplies this year -- drawing helps pass the time during those cold Minneapolis winters!

Gavin checks out his new scooter from Grandma and Granpa Price...

Gavin and Anna snuggle up for the camera

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The face of holiday travel... when you're 22 months old

Snapped this in the Denver airport today ... made it home safely from Christmas trip to Colorado this afternoon. Will post more when we get a chance -- Santa is coming to our house tonight so we need to get to bed early!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Check out our little elf

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Proof that toys aren't always a necessity...

Mmmm ... pancakes

Did I happen to mention that our new stove rocks? The 5th burner in the middle with the optional cooktop griddle is something Don had his eye on trying for awhile and finally had a chance to give it a whirl on Saturday morning. The results were delicious!

Thanksgiving Weekend Redux

We headed downtown on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend for lunch at Brocach Pub on the Square and then over to the Children's Museum. It was a nice end to a four-day weekend together and a good way to make Gavin less bored with us while he was missing his friends at day care ; )