Thursday, November 16, 2006

Team Pam

We'll be TIVO-ing "The Office" tonight and while the hilarious antics of the employees of Dunder Mifflin is reason enough to watch, it's the gripping story of the Pam-Jim-Karen love triangle that really has my attention right now.

I am on board with this blogger's take on the situation:


Okay, I get it: Karen is cool, and Pam is not. If I had to be friends with one of them, I would probably choose Karen because Pam's low self esteem and inability to make decisions would get on my nerves. It's not that I hate Karen -- that episode where she plays World of Warcraft (update: OR WHATEVER) with Jim and Ed Helms did a lot for her otherwise boring glamour-gal image, and convinced me that I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss her as one of those girls who owns more handbags than books. BUT, there are good reasons why I know more Office fans on Team Pam than on Team Karen:

Reasons to Root for Pam:
1. Pam is the underdog who needs to be brought out of her shell, while Karen is a sophisticated vixen who, despite admitting to being "into" Jim on last week's episode, would probably lose interest in him as soon as she got him. And, as it's been annoyingly mentioned in every interview with (the awesome) Jenna Fischer, everyone has an "inner Pam" or whatever, and rooting for Pam to unlease her "inner Karen" is much more interesting than watching Karen chew Jim up and spit him out.
2. And most important: JIM. LOVES. PAM.

Go Team Pam!

Want to weigh in? You can even order T-shirts here (wouldn't it be cute if they came in baby sizes?):


Sarah said...

Jenny, two of my friends were talking about The Office this morning, and I feel pretty cool asking them if they were on Team Pam or Team Karen. Especially since I don't watch the show and only have a vague knowledge of who Pam is. I was an Office Faker.

Jackie said...

I came up with an equation to determine just how long it will take for a substantial Jim/Pam hookup:

t = [S(P) * H^2 + TD] / Q


t = time until the Jim/Pam connection is made
S(P) = success of the program as a factor of its continued popularity
H = the time it has historically taken for couples to get together "for real" on American sitcoms (e.g. Rachel and Ross)
TD = the Tim/Dawn factor-on the BBC version of this program, Tim and Dawn didn't get together until the 2 hour special that was filmed AFTER the series had already ended
Q = The public interest in seeing these two get together.