Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wasted Energy

It seems we have some proof our leaders are pandering and avoiding coming up with a real energy policy.

"While all the presidential candidates were railing about lost manufacturing jobs in Ohio, no one noticed that America’s premier solar company, First Solar, from Toledo, Ohio, was opening its newest factory in the former East Germany — 540 high-paying engineering jobs — because Germany has created a booming solar market and America has not."

It would be nice to see campaign coverage focus on real issues like this rather than what someone's crazy and attention-seeking pastor said.


Sarah said...

No kidding!

SAP said...

The guy who was Obama's spiritual mentor for 20 years sounds like a quack. Obama defended him until recently... it's something of note.

The Real Mr. And Mrs. Smith said...

I wrote this in the heat of the Rev Wright coverage and for me it was kind of the last straw in terms of my overall frustration with campaign coverage -- I agree it's of note, don't agree it should be the top story about the campaign for a week straight.

Sarah said...

I'm also not sure he was Obama's "spritual mentor." At least, Obama said Wright didn't really fill that role ... he was Obama's pastor. I do think there's a difference. And I think if he had come out immediately and denounced Wright, everyone would have said he did it purely for political reasons. I admire him for holding out.