Friday, January 11, 2008

Sometimes fate is kind...

I have been saying for months, no make that more than a year, that I needed to back up my home laptop computer with some kind of external hard drive. It's where I store all of our family photos and what I use to write my freelance work.
About a week ago, the external hard drive I had FINALLY ordered arrived in the mail and I almost immediately copied my photo and movie folders over to it. Two days later, it appeared my internal hard drive on the laptop DIED. Kaput. How's that for a little luck?
I know what a goner hard drive looks like because it happened to me about 2 years ago -- just AFTER I completed and turned in a huge freelance writing project. It's hard to believe I've been lucky twice -- now I just have to figure out if it's worth replacing the hard drive again or giving up on this DELL machine. I've got a MAC desktop at work and have become a full convert away from PCs -- but finances dictate I may need to dream of a Macbook for a little while longer.

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