Friday, October 12, 2007

Our House-Take 11

We had our "trim walkthrough" today and we were happy to see the choices we made are all coming together... here's a few highlights:
The light fixture over the dining area -- I wasn't sure when we picked it, but I like it...

The guest bath ... looks like 3-1 odds that Shannon may be the first to enjoy this extra space!

The kitchen ... not all the appliances are in yet and it's likely this will be a different wall color once we decide what to paint it, but we really like the black and white contrast here.

The entry hall (that is the front door -- a temporary one while they paint the real one) -- looks a bit institutional, we definitely need some color here and I think these walls are a good candidate for a gallery of photos.

The stoop! Work begins Monday on the patio....

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