Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gavin looks for his pumpkin

As reported in the previous post, pickings were slim at the pumpkin patch today -- but it was still a lovely day nonetheless... let's ask Gavin how it went from his perspective...

"I've got my own ideas about the safest way to ride in a wagon -- I like the body-surfing approach... "

"Hey Mommy, this is how it's done..."

"Come on! This way to the pumpkins..."

"But first, a quick check to see how fast I'm growing..."

"Hmmm, where are all the pumpkins? I'm about ready to give up... "

"Here's one! Wait, this is too big. I think it's time to look elsewhere..."

Where the over picked pumpkin patch fails, our local Brennan's Market comes through (plus it was a great place to pick up some supplies for our last meal at home -- some yummy salmon -- before we packed up the kitchen tonight). We'll post a picture of Gavin's pumpkin on our new front porch later this week : )

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