Wednesday, September 26, 2007


With apologies to one of my favorite blogs, please allow me to digress from house and family updates for a bit ... as you know I've been working on campus now for about 5 months. The start of September brought the return of the undergraduate students and after getting an eyeful of what the coeds are wearing -- it's no different from middle school, they all copy each other -- I had to sound off. Here are three trends I've spotted this week on campus:

Wellington Boots. I've seen them worn with dresses, leggings and short jean skirts (see below). I've seen them in bright colors, patterns and pastels. Please note, like many things, this look does not work unless you are Kate Moss.

Argyle socks. I spotted this for the first time today. Worn with the aforementioned jean skirt and moccasins. I think the wearer was going for a Gwen Stefani-Lamb vibe (or perhaps she saw the photo above from a recent Michael Kors show?). I loved knee socks ... when I was in 4th grade.
And that brings us to said jean skirt ... I have seen this all over campus, on a variety of bodies. Sometimes with leggings (Tim Gunn and I agree on this issue -- no!) and sometimes with me wondering if the wearer's butt was going to peek out from the bottom. It's a garment that raises all kinds of questions for me in terms of an academic setting... how are they sitting down, for one?

That's all for now -- as summer truly fades into fall, I may have more to say on this subject : )


That guy said...

Dare I admit that I am the proud owner of 2 jean skirts (not THAT short) and I wear Wellies to work daily during the winter months in Chicago-- been doing it for years now. Hhhmmm.... And I was voted "best dressed" in high school. Imagine that!

The Real Mr. And Mrs. Smith said...

Wellies when the weather dictates them are one thing -- on a sunny day is another. It's the length of the skirts that has been getting me!

Shannon said...

Glad I'm not alone in thinking Wellies are cute. I'm just thrilled to have found shirts that are long enough to cover bellies, and pants that go all the way over butts. I'm all about coverage!

Gavin's photo shoot pict. is cute! Can't wait to see ours...I think (hopefully no butts or bellies will be hanging out).