Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NYC Weekend

My friend Stacy and I made a quick weekend jaunt to New York -- where we had a true local experience. We started our journey in Brooklyn, which Stacy's friend refers to as "the better burrough." I have been to NYC a half dozen times prior to this trip, but never made it out there. It was fun to grab a slice and then visit with some of Stacy's friends who live in a Brownstone building there. And yes, someone was having a stoop sale. I guess when you have no yard you gotta do what you gotta do.

The real reason for our visit was to take in "Grease" on Broadway, starring Max and Laura, who were cast during the NBC reality show last spring. The audience was full of enthusiastic dorks just like us and the show did not disappoint. Great singers and dancers in the cast gave it their all and as usual when I see a Broadway show, I felt teary-eyed and happy for them because they are living their dream.

It was a wonderful time -- lots of good food and fun meeting Stacy's friends who she worked with and hung out when she lived out East before moving to Madison. My favorite line of the weekend was when her friend Sophie said she dreamed of having a washer and dryer in her apartment and her friend Erin replied "why don't you shoot for something more attainable, like becoming a billionaire!"

Special thanks go out to Heather, Stacy's friend in Sunnyside, Queens, who put us up for the weekend. One other trip highlight: I got to sleep until 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, something I have not done in years. Absolutely glorious!


That guy said...

I'm not even lucky enough for a stoop... we hang the stuff on our front gate fence!!

Had To Move said...

Erin here. Stacy sent me your blog. Now I feel like a superstar. ;-) THAT KID IS SO DAMN CUTE. Love the red hair. Great to meet you -- come back and visit again soon!

Sarah said...

Tell Erin and Sophie to move to Staten Island and they, too, can achieve the dream of a washer and dryer in their apartment! It can happen, ladies. You just have to live in SI.