Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Minneapolis weekend

We spent last weekend in Minneapolis visiting Jenny's sister Heather, our brother-in-law Rick and our two nieces, Anna and Caroline. Rick's birthday was on Saturday and Don's on Monday so it was a great chance to celebrate the two men lucky enough to marry the Price sisters! We had a pretty smooth journey up to the Twin Cities (after all, Gavin is a pro riding in the car after his 19-hour trip to Florida in April).

We had a great time on Saturday, walked around Lake Calhoun to a restaurant where we enjoyed some tableside guacamole (I think that's what they call it when someone else besides you makes it). Gavin wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but he does like the chips! While on our walk back, we discovered a new art form Rick dubbed "karancing," it involved clapping, drumming and what looked like slow-mo karate fighting. Sort of mesmerizing to be honest!

After some well-deserved naps, the adults were recharged for an evening out on the town, joined by Heather and Rick's good friends Jeff and Faye. We enjoyed some cocktails on the rooftop of a tapas restaurant called Solera, with a great view of the PowerBall billboard, too!

From there it was on to Bucca di Peppo for a gastronomic marathon of salad, pasta, dessert and Limoncello

Best of all, Gavin got to spend some time with his cousins, learning how to make a space helmet out of common household items and of course getting a rousing rendition of "Where is Thumbkin?" going.

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