Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random thoughts - not all soccer related even

Bolton seems to own Arsenal. Arsenal seems to own Spurs.

After speculation of Chelsea, Madrid, and Milan, Onyewu winds up at ?Newcastle?. Really? More playing time for him I suppose, but still, not quite in the same league as the others. Both of the Toon games I’ve seen lately they dug themselves a nice little whole with early consolations before storming back for a tie or win. Onyewu may just get a chance to shine if he can tighten things up back there.

It’s been said in both the national and local media, but as frustrating as the Badger hoops loss at Indiana was last night, it still made me chuckle that the Indiana students stormed the court after the FIVE TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION Hoosiers beat Wisconsin.

My how times have changed. Or is it, my how the mighty have fallen?

I usually start my workday with the IPod on “Shuffle Songs” and let it go for the day. Occasionally though a song catches my ear and I switch over to that artist and/or album for a while.

Today good old Vic Chesnutt did the trick while I was eating my lunch. I only have three of his early albums on there (none of the newer stuff which I haven’t been able to get into as much, not that I’ve given it a huge chance).

Point of this rambling is, man could that guy turn a phrase. I still pull out the old “sharpies and guns” reference occasionally to eye rolls from my lovely wife.

Meetings for the spring over-30 season, indoor with Celtics men (aka spring training) starting in two weeks, it may be 20ish degrees outside, but I can already taste the outdoor soccer season! Woot!

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