Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fugly Fashion Week

So here's a few snapshots from NY Fashion week. I've got no real issues with the looks on the right and left. I can get behind a real world application of the kicky cocktail dress with the empire waist in black or the idea of a bold-color trench coat. And it's nice to see opaque hosiery in the rotation -- bare legs are hard to imagine for fall (which is what these collections are meant for). But let's take a minute to check out the look in the middle photo... to borrow a phrase from Grey's Anatomy: "Seriously? A high-waisted pant that will look good on no one? I mean, seriously!" We'll let the hairdo go for now. As my beloved Tim Gunn would say "I'm concerned." So, I'm throwing down the gauntlet here and now -- I will never buy pants with a waist that high again. You heard me Anna Wintour. Don't even try and make me.

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Mamma mia said...

I would buy pants like that... I'm sick of my asscrack showing in these damn low riders. Dare I say your sister might like them too?