Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's actually only 3 days to go....

Ok, so I realize this is more important to some than to others, but it's actually only 3 days till the event we (ok I) have been holding our breath for for months.

The World Cup draw is this Friday in Leipzig at 2 pm CST - televised live on ESPN2.

The seeds were announced today, with Mexico pipping USA for a seed and Spain and France pushing out Holland. Despite the flurry of articles speculating on the red, white, and blue receiving a seed, logic dictated that it would not be the case. If they make the quarterfinals or better again this time and maintain their ranking then 2010 might be a different story though.

Seeded teams - Argentina, Brazil (F1), England, France, Germany (A1), Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

The USA can't be drawn with Costa Rica, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Serbia & Montenegro, South Korea, or Trinidad & Tobago - but anyone else is fair game.

Worst case scenario - both the USA and Holland getting drawn into group F with Brazil - good luck getting out of that group. Enough pessimism though, I'll break down the draw sometime over the weekend and give you my sure-to-be-wrong predictions for Arena's boys.


k8 said...

You don't seem to have much hope for the US team to get past Brazil and Holland...

Shannona said...

JP- is this you? Are you seriously this interested in soccer now? I can't believe it. Don, tell me this is your commentary!