Friday, February 22, 2008

A mom's work is never done... you can see from the time of this post, it was a late night tonight getting Gavin's cake made and assembled for tomorrow's mini party we are doing to mark his 2nd birthday. Yes, I could have turned to Betty Crocker, but it's against my nature. Show me a baking opportunity and I'll take it -- despite having worked a full week at the office and wanting to do nothing more than see what was waiting for me on the DVR. At least this year, I avoided making a cake in the shape of anything, thus avoiding the do-over that occurred the day before Gavin's 1st birthday extravaganza (picture Winnie the Pooh in a dozen pieces) Maybe someday I'll learn to cut corners, save time and bake from a box, but it's hard to do when homemade tastes so good and, as Don always says, has that special extra ingredient: L-U-V ; )

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Gavin!!!! I can't believe he's 2. Crazy. The cake looks delicious. Can I hire you to make one for M's b-day?