Sunday, August 05, 2007

Critics' Corner

Two thumbs up for "The Bourne Ultimatum"! Don and I saw the previous two installments together in the theater and rounded out the trilogy together during a matinee showing this afternoon thanks to an assist with the G-man from my mom and dad (The only other movie trilogy we've seen together being "Lord of the Rings," let's just say I like this experience better). Anyway, it's a thrilling movie, lots of action, good car chases (I'm a sucker for a good car chase ... "Ronin" anyone?) and it has one of those great moments that makes the audience gasp/chuckle collectively. The director, Paul Greengrass, made "United 93" (Netflix it if you haven't seen it, you won't regret it) and this movie confirms his gifts for me. I noted on his IMDB profile that he's slated to helm the movie version of "They Marched Into Sunlight," a book based in part on the Dow Chemical riots on the UW-Madison campus during the Vietnam War. Here's hoping he sees fit to film in Madtown!


Jackie said...

Wow, I just watched United 93 yesterday, coincidentally. I was blown away by the film. I'll look forward to seeing the final Bourne installment.

Sarah said...

I agree with your review. We had an assist from my parents with the M-lady and had our first parental date night Saturday. Which gasp/chuckle moment are you talking about?