Sunday, June 25, 2006

Four months old!

Gavin was baptized this weekend and also enjoyed a visit with Mimi and Grandad as well as Aunt Heather (his godmother), Uncle Rick and cousins Anna and Caroline. Our good friend Jerry (the godfather) also joined in the festivities Sunday.

We underwent major preparations to try and ensure Gavin would be in the best mood possible when he appeared before the whole church: getting up at 6 a.m. to try and make sure he could eat and nap and take care of business BEFORE putting on his pristine white outfit (which we decided was akin to what tennis players wore at Wimbledon in the 1920s). At any rate, it was a rough morning waking a sleeping baby (something you should never do), getting him fed, having him make a mess on Don and waking him up a second time from a brief nap. By the time we got to the church for the 9:30 service, we were about cashed in. Luckily, the baptism was early on and when we got up to the front, Gavin was in a good mood and when the pastor declared him baptized a huge grin spread across his face for all to see. The congregation did a collective "awww!" and I nearly bust into tears from happiness and exhaustion.


Sarah said...

That Gavin. He's such a cute little sport. And speaking of cute ... love the skirt, Jenny!

Shannona said...

You need to post the photo of the female minister with the rainbow sash: be proud of your progressive baptism!! (Plus the whole family is in that one!)