Tuesday, April 04, 2006


We hit the Wisconsin Film Festival on Saturday to see a screening of the documentary "Triviatown," which featured our own team, The Cakers, from a couple years back when we placed 6th. Several team members made the trip from out of town for the event and everyone gave the movie "thumbs up." In short, our team was juxtaposed against other teams that take the event way too seriously. We were shown for who we are: fun-loving trivia nerds that get together every year to eat, drink, be merry and answer some questions. Trivia is this weekend and we won't be playing heavily, but will be stopping by Saturday to introduce Gavin to everyone.

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pattyb23 said...

Hiya, Ran across your blog while looking for articles on Triviatown. Is there any way I could get copies of the two pictures you have posted on this posting of your blog? I forgot to take a picture of the theatre..and I'm in the other picture :)
Let me know,