Thursday, January 26, 2006

Go Steelers!

The Steelers making it to SuperBowl XL (since the Packers are long out of it, it's really OK to cheer for them!), happens to coincide with the ongoing discussions about what to name our baby. Cast your vote for the player who you'd most like to see our child named for : ) should it turn out to be a boy:

Jerome (Bettis)
Chukky (Okobi)
Antwaan (Randle El)
Kimo (von Oelhoffen)
Hines (Ward)
Marvel (Smith)


Colin Benedict said...

I vote for Colin.

In all seriousness, have you considered a combination of the six names like --

Jechuankihimarv Price Smith?

Pretty name for a boy or a girl.

k8 said...

'none of the above' Price Smith !!!

care of, the real smith grandparents

k8 said...

but seriously... who would name their child after the guy who fumbled and almost (true it was almost) lost the game the other week???

the real brother smith said...

I vote for Christopher Price Smith. But maybe that's just me.